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Nordic Walking in English

Welcome to 50 felett (is) fitten website for nordic walkers.

Although this website is written mainly in Hungarian, I would like to invite you and teach nordic walking to you. Learn nordic walking with or without signing up for a long term course. If you wish take private or group lessons, please, send me a message to info(at) or call 0036 20/539 2401. Individuals, couples, families and groups are welcome.

Some words on nordic walking

It’s not simply „normal” walking. And even if you’re carrying two poles or sticks, it is not yet nordic walking. You must use your nordic walking poles properly.

Grab your poles, lean slightly forward, start nordic walking and get the benefits from what we call four-leg or four-wheel drive. It’s a total body workout.

Your hands move in a circular grab-and-go state with a nice arm swing. Grab your nordic walking pole, hit the ground, push and get an extra pace from this push and then let it go, you’ll not lose them with the help of a special nordic walking hand grip. At the end of this motion there is a free flying movement of your swinging arms. Your arms, your hands, your whole torso, your lower body and even your hip are deeply involved in this exercise. Keep the poles close to your body.

Every step starts with putting your heel down to the ground and rolling forward to your toe, where you push off as you were on the beach making a hole with your toe in the sand.

And this is just the beginning. There are so many other tricks and fine movements for advanced nordic walkers.

Make sure you master the basic techniques by practicing with a coach and nordic walking will soon become an easy, enjoyable and comfortable activity with an optimal body workout result, meaning not only physical but also spiritual balance and stability.

Typical mistakes

Not walking with diagonal steps
Improper placement
Problem with rhythm
Not using your arms and hands properly
Walking with hiking sticks’ technique
Having the poles too wide
Not opening your hands
Bad arm swing
Not grabbing the poles, walking with open hands
Forgetting about pushing
Not using active arm movement
Bicycling with your arms
Inactive steps
Giants’ steps
Walking without rolling

Nordic walking is your health. Get fit and stay fit. Nordic walking is the most effective cardio-vascular exercise for all at all fitness levels. Do you want to burn more calories? Do you want to strengthen your muscles? Reduce stress on your joints and on your soul. Let’s walk and keep fit.

Nordic walking walks, courses and tours in Hungary with English speaking nordic walking instructor.

Should you need more information, please, send an e-mail to info(at) or call 0036 20/539 2401.

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About myself:

I am a nordic walking enthusiast whose personal mission is to encourage people to take up this great activity by giving courses, lectures and writing about health, lifestyle and experiences. I am a regular contributor to online magazines. I began nordic walking many years ago as a means of training for cross country skiing. I nordic walk throughout the year and I also join nordic walking events.